Camping, celebrations and chicken pox

By | July 9, 2013

Last Friday was C’s 4th birthday and we’d decided to take the caravan and go camping in Ashbourne for a couple of nights.  C was at nursery on Friday morning so we set off at lunch and arrived around 2.30pm.

Once we’d set up, we decided to take the dog for a little walk but unfortunately got caught in the rain so took sanctuary in the local pub for an hour, soft drinks only for C & I but M tried some of the local real ale.

A break in the rain meant we headed back to the caravan and I, for the first time, cooked a proper meal in there.  Things would be a little easier if we had a microwave in there but I managed to make a decent stir fry anyway!  A camping cookbook is on my must-buy list.  This was then followed by birthday cake, caravan style.

cakeSaturday morning arrived and the rain had gone so we decided to have a walk into Ashbourne town centre, mainly in search of scones and cakes.

On getting dressed that morning though, we discovered a few suspicious looking blisters on C’s back that we rightly guessed were chicken pox.  She seemed completely fine in herself still, and we decided that she didn’t pose too much of a threat by walking through fields and along a few streets so headed off on our walk.

We did manage to get some scones and brownies before heading back to the caravan for a panini lunch.

We drove up to Dovedale after we’d eaten so we could play on the stepping-stones.  The last time we’d been here C was a baby and we’d had to carry her across in her pushchair, this time was much more fun!

dovedaleWe then took a tired C back to the caravan.  She was disappointed she wasn’t allowed in the outdoor paddling pool on the campsite but we’ve promised her we’ll go back another weekend now her chicken pox have cleared up.

It was a shame that C got chicken pox on her birthday weekend but, thankfully, it didn’t spoil things too much and we still managed to have a lovely time.

This post contains a sponsored link but I hope you enjoyed it all the same.

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Louise on July 9, 2013 at 12:14 pm.

Well done you on managing a stir fry when camping! Our camping food is usually pretty basic but you can still make something delicious. Mind you with all the fresh air we are usually so hungry we would eat anything! Poor C with her chicken pox on holiday but at least you weren’t far from home. xxx
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