Pregnancy: What I’ve Forgotten

By | July 6, 2013

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Being pregnant with number 2, I thought I’d got things sussed.  After all, I’ve done all this pregnancy thing before and four years really isn’t that long ago.

Surprisingly though, I’d forgotten so much.  When I was pregnant with C I used to wake in the night with terrible leg cramps.  I’d completely forgotten about these until they happened again with this one.  When I’ve spoken to other pregnant women I’ve discovered they’re surprisingly common – so why are they never mentioned as a pregnancy symptom?  Everybody knows about the  backache and the heartburn but leg cramps seem to be forgotten about.

Then there’s the maternity clothes.  I was really excited to get to wear maternity clothes; it was something new and fun, a whole new wardrobe!  But 10 or so weeks later I’m already getting a bit bored and I still have 3 months to go.  I do keep looking and buying little bits; a new top every other week or some maternity skirts I managed to buy off a twitter friend, so it’s not too bad at the moment but I can imagine that I’ll be desperate to get back into my own clothes by October.

The night-time toilet trips, they’re fun!  I’m only 27 weeks and have to get up at least once every night.  I knew this really but for some reason I wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon!

And of course, for all the bad things, there’s a good thing too.  I’d forgotten just how amazing it is to feel those kicks, they’re one thing I’ll definitely miss once baby arrives.  There’s something so intimate about feeling baby, a private little moment between you and this little person you’re growing.

I’ll also miss my bump.  It’s at the nice stage at the moment; big enough for people to realise you’re pregnant rather than just putting a bit of weight on but small enough not to be uncomfortable.  That said though, I loved my bump to the very end with C so I hope I will with this one too.

What did you forget about pregnancy, or wish you could?


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