Bump Diary: 32 Weeks

By | August 16, 2013

I’m a week behind (and missed week 30 completely) as I’m now 33 weeks but I’ll stick to this update then try to keep on track!

Baby: Now weighing in at 1.7kg, baby is getting rather cramped in there.

Symptoms: Feeling a bit more uncomfortable now, and getting comfy in bed is becoming quite a task.  Getting the occasional backache but it’s manageable.

Weight: I’ve put on about a stone since my booking in appointment at 10 weeks, which is only about half a stone up on my pre-pregnancy weight as I lost a bit at the beginning.  I seem to be all bump which is a good thing.

Clothes: Yep, definitely maternity!  Had a couple of new dresses to wear for a wedding and a christening last weekend.  Was nice to have new clothes!

Movement: Lots, though it’s more whole lumps sticking out of my stomack than cute kicks.  It’s getting painful too.

Cravings: None

Stretchmarks: None

Sleep: Getting comfortable to begin with is getting harder, and I’m usually up twice for toilet breaks but overall not doing too badly.

Appointments: Ha!  You wouldn’t believe what’s happened since my 28 week update!  I had my glucose tolerance test which came back at 7.8, the exact cut-off level for gestational diabetes, so I had to go to see a midwife and get a blood sugar monitoring kit to test myself with after every meal.

I then attended a diabetic clinic.  The specialist diabetic consultant looked at me and my details and decided I probably didn’t actually have GD, the test was probably a one-off high reading, and that I didn’t need to monitor my blood sugars anymore.  However, the obstetrician I saw 10 minutes later says a level of 7.8 is within GD levels so he will continue seeing me every 2 weeks and I’ll also get growth scans at 32 and 36 weeks to check baby isn’t too big.

I had my 32 week scan which showed things to be normal with baby but when I took my results to pregnancy assessment for them to plot baby’s weight on a growth chart, it turns out that baby is measuring small and on the 10th centile.  I therefore have another growth scan booked for 34 weeks to check on baby again.

Baby has now turned head down though so there is good news!

Best moment: Feeling baby move every day

Worst moment: All the fuss over gestational diabetes

Anything else: Nothing I can think of

Bump pic:

32 weeksAnd a pic from my growth scan:

32 week scan



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