Bump Diary: 34 weeks

By | August 28, 2013

I’m amazed we’re at 34 weeks already.  The last 10 weeks have just disappeared in a blur!  Things are coming along nicely with the nursery now, and most of baby’s clothes have been washed.  Have also made a start on the hospital bags for baby and me

Baby: According to my growth scan, baby weighs 2023g.  This is on the smaller side of normal but then C wasn’t a big baby so I’m not expecting a 10lb’er

Symptoms: Not enjoying being at work now.  My back aches from sitting at a desk for too long and I’m just generally uncomfortable.  Apart from that I’m doing ok though

Weight: Up 0.9kg in 2 weeks.  350g of that is purely baby according to growth scans!

Clothes: Living in about 4 tops, 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of work trousers.  Getting very bored!

Movement: Lots of movement, some quite painful.  Love it though

Cravings: None

Stretchmarks: None

Sleep: Not great but I’m managing.  It’s hard to get comfortable now and I’m waking 2 or 3 times a night.

Appointments: Had an appointment at the antenatal clinic at the hospital last Tuesday who thought baby was breech again, despite being head down 10 days earlier.  I then saw my usual midwife that afternoon who decided baby was head down, it’s just got a bony bum.

A growth scan last Thursday confirmed baby was head down.  It’s still measuring on the 10th centile line for weight but as long as it’s following the line then that’s ok.  Fluid levels and cord blood flow all looked fine and baby is now weighing an estimated 4lb 7oz.

Best moment: C’s amusement when baby kicked her in the head when she was getting a cuddle.

Worst moment: None really, trying to be grateful and enjoy the last 6 weeks of pregnancy as I won’t be doing it again!

Anything else: Nothing I can think of

Bump pic:

34 weeks


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