Lightwater Valley: Our Day

By | August 13, 2013

Lightwater Valley, near Ripon, is less than 90 minutes drive from us but it’s not somewhere we’d visited, until a few weeks ago.  One warm Sunday morning, we packed our sandwiches and sun cream and set off.

We arrived not long after the park opened and noticed that, despite it being a sunny weekend, it didn’t seem overly busy at the ticket gates.  We got straight through and C made a beeline for the Angry Birds activity park.  M wasted no time in dumping the rucksack on me and heading off with her.  It had lots of different bits to play on, with climbing frames and slides as well as 2 dance zones which track your movement for another type of game.

We then headed for the Lightwater Wheel, partly so I could have a go on something, and was pleasantly surprised to find a rather small queue.  The ride was lovely and relaxing and we got a great view over other parts of the park.

Lightwater Valley

Next up were the flying camels followed by the dragon boats before we took a break for lunch.  There were plenty of places to sit down and eat, we sat on a grass verge watching the rapids while trying to persuade C to go on them (she refused!).

We then headed down to a secluded corner of the park with a mini ferris wheel, junior pirate ship, sandpit and the Caterpillar Coaster.  Once C had gone on all these and made some new friends in the sandpit we made our way back towards the entrance of Lightwater Valley where there were yet more rides for C to go on, including a Noah’s Ark ride, ladybugs ride and Eagles Creek farm, which is new for 2013.

We finally decided it was time to go home, but not before we had to have another play on the Angry Birds activity park and call for an ice cream on the way out.  Within five minutes of setting off home, C was fast asleep.  A sign of a great day out!

Lightwater Valley sleepTaking a 4 year old meant we only used the smaller rides in the park but there were plenty of rides for adults and older children too.  M was disappointed not to go on any water rides but decided he didn’t want to go on them by himself!

We all had a really great day and would recommend Lightwater Valley, especially for families with children of different ages as there’s plenty for everyone to do.

There were plenty of toilet facilities in the park, and the park itself was very clean and well maintained.  Parking was free and, if you don’t want to bring your own sandwiches, there were plenty of places to buy food and drink.


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