Back to School

By | September 17, 2013

C’s been back at school just over a week now.  She’s moved up from nursery, which she went to from 8.30am to 11.30am every day, to infants school which is full time.

I wasn’t worried about her starting, she’s been looking forward to ‘big girl school’ for weeks and, despite her missing the taster day due to chicken pox, I didn’t think she’d be too phased by it all.

First day

Being there full time is tiring her out but she’s loving it so far.  Her favourite thing is the craft table and I get a card or picture from her almost every day.  She’s starting PE this week and is super excited about getting to wear her new plimsolls.  They’ve got bows on you know.

She’s in the same class as two of her best friends which has helped her settle in quickly and I hope her love of school continues.

Of course now the new term has started we’ve had ‘Mummy, I thought you said baby was coming once I started school?’


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