Bump Diary: 39 Weeks

By | September 27, 2013

Baby: According to a scan I had on Monday at 38+3, baby weighed 6lb 9oz.  C weighed 7lb 5oz at 39+6 so it’s looking like this one will be a very similar size.

Symptoms: Still feeling pretty good.  I’m trying to walk at least one school run a day which is 1.5 miles, in the hope that it’ll encourage baby out.  And if not, at least it’s keeping me active and fit ready for labour.  

Weight: As of Tuesday I’d put on exactly 10kg since my booking in appointment at 10 weeks.

Clothes: Bla bla bla…  I even seem to be outgrowing my maternity stuff now!

Movement: Movements can be quite painful now as baby has no space left at all!

Cravings: None, my pregnancies are so boring!

Stretchmarks: None! Do I have my mum to thank for that?

Sleep: Still waking 2 or 3 times a night, and turning over in bed is almost a workout in itself but I’m still getting some decent sleep so can’t really complain.

Appointments: Scan on Monday showed baby to be growing nicely and it’s now slightly above the 10th centile line it’s been following.  Antenatal clinic appointment on Tuesday showed all to be ok and I’m booked in for a sweep next week!

Best moment: Saw an amazing face shot of baby at the last scan where it looked like a real little person with little squished up cheeks and everything!

Worst moment: None

Anything else: Nothing

Bump pic:

39 weeks


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