Ten weeks

By | December 23, 2013

The last ten weeks have gone past in the blink of an eye.  T is settling in to the family and we’re getting in to a little bit of a routine, more at night than during the day though.

We’re still breastfeeding which I’m really pleased about.  We struggled for the first few weeks but things seemed to click in to place around week 6 and we’re now doing great.

Ten weeksI’m actually getting some sleep too.  She usually does a 7-8 hour stretch so is going from 9pm to around 4-5am which I’m rather amazed by!

We’ve not got much of a daytime routine yet but I’m not bothered about that.  She feeds when she’s hungry and sleeps when she’s tired and who am I to try to mess with that!?  I think I’m much more baby led this time round than I was with C.  The difference I think is mainly due to the fact that C was formula fed and she fed very regularly so a routine was quite easy to get in to.

T sometimes goes 3-4 hours between feeds but sometimes only goes an hour (and not even that if she’s cluster feeding like she does in an evening).  I struggled with this for the first couple of weeks as I’d only been used to a regular 3 hour feeding pattern with C, but once I realised that breastfed babies were different then life got easier.

We started getting smiles around week 5 and we now get them all the time which is lovely.  She seems to be a very happy baby and as long as she’s not hungry will grin at you all day.

I’m looking forward to Christmas with my girls.  We’ve only bought T a couple of things as she obviously won’t have a clue but C is very excited for Santa’s arrival.



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