She’s on the move, and other updates

By | July 29, 2014

About 3 weeks ago, just before she turned 9 months old, T decided she’d had enough of being in one spot and learnt to crawl.  This was all new to us as C never really crawled, preferring instead to bum shuffle.

Within days T had got crawling sussed and now she’s super speedy when she wants to be.  She’s also pulling herself up on anything and everything, something C didn’t do for another 3 months yet.  It’s strange how 2 children can be so different.

Also arrived with this new skill is a complete aversion to sleep.  Once she’s asleep she’s fine and she usually sleeps pretty well but getting her to actually lie down and give in has become a nightmare.  She constantly stands up at her cot, no matter how many times you lay her back down.  I’m fairly sure I must have laid her down 50 times in one session when trying to get her to nap last week.  I know this is just a phase (or I’m hoping so) and cannot wait for it to pass!

In other T news, she now has 3 teeth, is clapping, waving and giving kisses and I’m sure she’s been saying hello in the last few days.

If only she’d learn to like sleep she’d be quite pleasant!



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